Summer Safety Tips

Summertime is here and  everyone is going on vacations! Unfortunately, many of us let down our guard during the summer by opening windows, leaving the doors unlocked or worse, completely open. If you plan to take off on a short trip, you should do a little preparation to make sure our home is secure. There is nothing worse than coming home to vandalized property or a burglary that could have been avoided. Here are some summer safety tips to secure your property when you go on vacation.

It is sad to say no matter where you live any neighborhood can subject to a break in. We recommend securing your doors and windows. Make sure you lock all of the doors downstairs, upstairs and in the basement before leaving for your trip. You should make sure you have deadbolts on your doors and security locks on your windows. The residential locksmith services provided by LockBusters will ensure your security measures are installed within the day. A set of strong locks can deter thieves from breaking in. In the event that someone does break into your property, a security system -preferably with cameras- adds an extra dimension of safety.

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