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Key Fob and Remote Repair a Snap!

Most cars manufactured in the last decade or so all come with key fobs. Once you get them, you wonder how you ever lived without them. In fact, keyless remotes are often taken for granted. That is until you push that button one day and your car door doesn’t unlock. You would have to get it fixed or order a fob replacement; otherwise, you are back to using a manual key again.

In some cases, it is as simple as replacing the battery and you are back in business. But, if the battery is not the issue, you are possibly in for a couple of hundred dollars for a replacement fob. You can try to fix it yourself or you can come to the professionals. Here at Fast Locksmith we may be able to help you with a quick repair. Our experienced locksmiths will disassemble your unit and repair or replace whatever is wrong in a quick and efficient manner at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Your key fob will be working again in no time and you can put those keys where they belong- either in the ignition or in your pocket.