How To Secure Your Home Before Holiday Vacations

Secure your home

How To Secure Your Home Before Holiday Vacations

The Holiday season is upon us, which for many people, means more traveling. If you plan on traveling this holiday season, we recommend that you secure your home with the following 4 methods:

  1. Upgrade your lock type | An example of upgrading your lock type would be swapping your current deadbolt for a keypad or for a high security deadbolt.

2. Add a lock to the door | If you have an exterior door with just one lock, you should consider adding an extra lock to the door. This secures your home by making it harder for criminals to pick open your locks or kick the door in.

3. Use safety/security accessories on the door | When going on holiday vacation away from home, it is smart to have some sort of extra accessory to secure your home and the assets inside. Home security accessories include door bars, door chains, U-swing locks, lock reinforcements, etc.

4. Install a home security system | We work with Smartshield Solutions to provide advanced networking and home/commercial security systems. Smartshield Solutions specializes in access control, CCTV, intecom systems, and more! Click here to find out more!

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