How To Get A Locksmith Quote For A Large Project

Locksmith quote form

How To Get A Locksmith Quote For A Large Project

Locksmith quote form

Whatever your circumstance, we understand that it can be intimidating to call different companies to ask for a locksmith quote. Whether you need to rekey your locks, replace your locks, or install all new hardware, we are here for you! Here’s the information you’ll need to get accurate quotes:

Rekey Service

When getting a locksmith quote for a rekey service, please provide the exact number of locks and state if you have lost the keys to any of the locks. Please note that there are typically 2 locks on exterior doors and 1 lock on interior doors.

Next, please provide the brand and type of locks. Common lock brands are Schlage, Kwikset, Defiant, Yale, etc. Examples of lock types include: Keypads, deadbolts, double cylinder deadbolts, handles, knobs, high security deadbolt, etc. If you do not know the brand or type, you can always send a picture to the locksmith for a more accurate quote.

Lock Replacement
When inquiring about a lock replacement quote, always let the locksmith know how many locks you want changed up front. Its important to note the type, and brand/model of your current locks.

Next, let the technician know what kind of locks you want to install in their place. This way they can narrow down the price range. We recommend purchasing your own locks so you can pick the finish/features you want. This also decreases the quote price because you will only have to pay for labor.

Fresh Installation

When you want to install an extra lock or deadbolt on your door, you’ll need a fresh installation. A fresh installation is the process of drilling out the door and frame to create space for the new lock to fit. Locksmiths are able to provide fresh installation service on metal and wooden doors, but not glass.

The price for fresh installation can vary depending on the current state of your door, the material of your door, and the type of lock. Always let your locksmith know the type of door you have, and the lock you want to install so they can give you an accurate estimate.

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