Can You Install Sliding Door Keypads?

install sliding door keypads

Can You Install Sliding Door Keypads?

Every few years, it is a good idea to upgrade your home security. One aspect of home security is your door locks. However, have you thought about installing sliding door keypads? Is it even possible? We’ll discuss these points throughout the post.


     The ability to install a sliding door keypad depends on the type of door and the amount of space between the glass and the door frame. Regular keypads, like Schlage and Kwikset residential keypads, need anywhere from 3-5 inches of space between the frame and the edge of the glass. This means that most residential keypads cannot be installed on a traditional vinyl sliding door. There are a few keypads popping up on the market that use an exterior latch that is secured to outside of the frame. These non traditional locks offer a stylish solution to installing a keypad to a sliding door, but do not cost as much as standard hardware that latches inside the door frame.


      If you have a metal sliding door, it may be possible to install a keypad, however this depends on the type of keypad and how much you’re willing to pay. There are specific commercial keypads available that can be installed on metal sliding doors. However, this means that the price of installation will greatly increase. This is because the only compatible keypad is commercial grade, and the process of installing a keypad on a sliding door is more difficult. In order to install a sliding door keypad on a metal door, the locksmith will have to drill into the door and frame without damaging the glass. In many cases, the metal part of the doors are pre-drilled before the glass in installed in the door to prevent it from shattering. This means that unless you employ a professional who has experience with metal work, this can be extremely risky. 

Continuing on, commercial sliding door keypads are not available at most hardware stores and must be ordered through a manufacturer. These keypads are special because they offer high security and because they are the only keypads that can fit in the narrow space between the glass and the door frame. These qualities also reflect in the price. 

In conclusion, it is possible to install a keypad on a traditional sliding glass door. However, you must consider the door material, the space between the glass and the frame, and the costs of the professional labor in order to install sliding door keypads. 

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